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Geiger Counter Workshops @ Toorcamp

News flash: Hardhack is running the Hardware Hacking Area at Toorcamp this year, which takes place on the Washington coast in just under three weeks!  (The dates are August 8-12, 2012, and tickets are still available.)

I’ll be running two Geiger Counter Workshops.  Come build a Geiger Counter kit!

I’ll have the Geiger Counter ambient music synth I built for Maker Faire set up, and we can all scout for fallout from Fukushima arriving at the campsite!  Whoohoo!

Online store (temporarily) closed, kits still available through distributors

A quick update: As of last Saturday night I am no longer taking orders for kits.

The easiest way to do this was to remove all inventory from Paypal’s online ordering system, so if you try to place an order you will get the dreaded “out of stock” error message.

Fear not!

Geiger Counter kits are still available through my distributors (click each logo to visit the corresponding product page):

Adafruit Industries

Maker Shed

HV Rescue Shields are available from:


A huge thanks to everyone who took advantage of last week’s special pricing on Geiger Counter kits. Enjoy your new kit! (And if you need help getting it working, I’ll still be monitoring the support forums, so ask your questions there.)

Thanks again!