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MightyOhm guest spot on the podcast


Last week I was honored to be a guest on the podcast. is “the weekly podcast for people who love making gadgets”, and is hosted by embedded rockstars Elecia White and Chris White.

We spoke about developing hardware at Valve, soldering, amateur radio, RF engineering, and the finer points of flux.

To listen, check out Episode 154: Physics Is a Big Pain over on

You can also subscribe to the podcast with iTunes.

Geiger Counter Workshops @ Toorcamp

News flash: Hardhack is running the Hardware Hacking Area at Toorcamp this year, which takes place on the Washington coast in just under three weeks!  (The dates are August 8-12, 2012, and tickets are still available.)

I’ll be running two Geiger Counter Workshops.  Come build a Geiger Counter kit!

I’ll have the Geiger Counter ambient music synth I built for Maker Faire set up, and we can all scout for fallout from Fukushima arriving at the campsite!  Whoohoo!