Mechanicals for NooElec SDR dongle + H.F. Up-Converter

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Mechanicals for NooElec SDR dongle + H.F. Up-Converter

Postby ki3u » Fri Nov 22, 2013 7:59 pm

I have the Opendous-designed NooElec H.F. up-converter. Conventionally, when this converter
is enclosed in the specified aluminum shield box, the power to the converter is to be supplied via a usb

I preferred the converter independently powered from batteries, and with those batteries also enclosed
in the shield box. I went ahead and tried it, and it has worked out well. Here's the write-up with pictures:

Mechanicals for the NooElec SDR dongle + H.F. Up-Converter ... Smain.html

I also show an experiment with the converter which involves only analog electronics, no SDR etc. involved.

Berj / KI3U

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