Feedback first assembly.

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Feedback first assembly.

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My name is Olivier, i live in Belgium.

This week i have assembled the counter. Works perfectly (I believe*).
I leave in europe, and order all component on Farnell distributor.

For other european people the list of part (Farnell number):
FJN3303F i replace by PHE13003C (1859373) i ave 390V max.
1N4937 i replace by 1N4937G (2677363)
Battery Holder (1650679)
Fuse holder for tube (2762088)
Audio indicator PS1720P02 (1669968)
220pF 2KV (2456074)
0,01uF 1KV (1612166)
Resonator 8Mhz (2443273)
Trimmer 100R (9355014)
inductor ELC09D103F (8094780)
Power Switch OS102011MA1QN1 (1201431)
ICM7555IPAZ (9663762)

For programming the AVR, i have used winAVR for compilation and used AVRStudio for programming with ATMEL-ICE
Just select .hex and .elf and change the fuse value 0xEE (for low) and 0xDD (for High).
Sorry, I understand why you used the command line approach, but I hate it, I feel like I'm back to DOS.

For connecting in serial to USB i have used converter with Prolific based chip. Works in 3V3, not connect the power from adapter.

* I did not find any radioactive material at home (good news for me ;) ).

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Re: Feedback first assembly.

Post by mightyohm »

This is great feedback and should help folks trying to source replacement parts locally. Thank you very much!

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