Music plugin on a Fonera 2.0g/n

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Music plugin on a Fonera 2.0g/n

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in 2008 the company released the Fonera 2.0g
which is an openwrt-based wifi router (so no need to flash....add serial ports....)

Their main goal was "wifi sharing" but this device got an openwrt which allows 3rd party plugins and usb 2.0 port

one of the plugins is the "music"-plugin. :
it can easily be installed using the "plugins" section in the web-gui; all sourcecode is given

and it can play music from your "usb" pendrives/discs or play from radio stations you add to it's internal database

Instead of mpc/mpd the following exists:
audiod : ... fon/audiod
fonostream : ... fonostream
music plugin : ... luci-music

there is also a list of usb audio dongles that can be used :
including cheap ones of 5$ on Ebay

At the moment they only sell a wifi-n enabled device : -> fonera 2.0n

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