My Second WIR Build

Discussion about my Wifi Radio project at or my WL-520gU talk at NOTACON.
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My Second WIR Build

Post by craiglindley »

I always say, "Why build just one when you can build two".

After having built one WIR (see and being very happy with the result, I decided to enhance the design to allow for playing of MP3's from a flash drive. With that working, I converted my Father's radio cabinet into an enhanced WIR and music player device (see

Here is what the cabinet looks like
My Fathers radio becomes a WIR
My Fathers radio becomes a WIR
Here is the front panel after reassembly as an WIR.
Cabinet and Front Panel are the only parts of the radio I reused.
Cabinet and Front Panel are the only parts of the radio I reused.
Craig Lindley

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Re: My Second WIR Build

Post by harleman »

What would be the simplest way to create an Internet radio receiver that receives only one specific stream?

I'd like to have a box with a single control: an on/off/volume knob. A user would simply plug it in to a 110v outlet, turn it on, and receive the Internet radio station via wi-fi. (If wi-fi isn't available, the user would also connect an Ethernet cable.)

It would be nice to have the ability to INTERNALLY reconfigure the receiver to another stream, but the person using the receiver wouldn't have (or want to have) that ability. All the user would ever be required to do is to plug it in and turn it on.

I'd like for my mom to be able to plug it in, turn it on, and listen to my Internet broadcast without having to worry about any extra controls.

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Re: My Second WIR Build

Post by gerben »

Just follow Jeff's instructions here on mightyohm. After you have done that edit /etc/init.d/mpd and add the following at the end of the start section:

Code: Select all

/usr/bin/mpc repeat on
/usr/bin/mpc volume 100
/usr/bin/mpc add
/usr/bin/mpc add
/usr/bin/mpc play
This will load the one station you want and will automatically start playing, on powerup.

The easiest way to do volume control would be to buy some (amplified) speakers with a volume knob on it.

PS If you ask a new question you should create a new topic, instead of 'hijacking' someone else's.

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