ASUS WL-520gu sale

Discussion about my Wifi Radio project at or my WL-520gU talk at NOTACON.
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ASUS WL-520gu sale

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Please excuse the double post!



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Re: ASUS WL-520gu sale

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Have you sold it yet? Let me know if not, I'm looking for one. Thanks.
Jeff in TX

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Re: ASUS WL-520gu sale

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I have an Asus WL-520gu I might be selling soon (it's currently working fine with factory settings intact). I bought it new around the 1st of November, soldered in the serial port & had planned to flash something like dd-wrt or open wrt to it. The only thing is that I cut a small hole in the plastic casing with a dremel to access the serial port (so I could keep it in the case). This has had no effect on how it operates, though. I've been losing interest in the project (too complex), though, and may be selling it. Reply or message me if you're interested (I have pics and could even make a vid to email). I'll keep you updated if so.


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