ASUS WL-520gu sale

Discussion about my Wifi Radio project at or my WL-520gU talk at NOTACON.
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ASUS WL-520gu sale

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I stumbled upon this project by accident and just ordered an ASUS WL-520gu from Amazon - $35 with, until 11/30/11, a $10 mail-in rebate from ASUS. Not bad,
only $25 for a neat winter's project! Curiously, Amazon suggests to bundle 2 of the USB audio cards that work with the router - must be a lot of people ordering
for this project. Originally, I was looking to repurpose the Linksys WMA11B - seems to be the perfect setup for a WiFi radio: Wireless (upgrade to 802.11g/n with a
different PCMCIA card?), audio/video output connections already present. I have two of these sitting around - I never really liked the Linksys client. I have seen
work where a new streaming client is installed, but has anyone tried to stream directly? In my naive view, seems like it should be as easy to do as the WL-520gu
work, or is the PXA255 platform too different or limited? Thanks for a neat project idea.


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Re: ASUS WL-520gu sale

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I'm not familiar with the WMA11B. The best place to start is usually, check if it's a support platform.

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