mpd output: http streaming

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mpd output: http streaming

Post by dddesign »

I managed to install openwrt backfire 10.03.1-rc5 on my asus wl-600g. Then I move everything on a usb stick, so I have enough space for installing further packages. one of these is mpd 0.16.1. mpd is running fine in normal mode, now I tried to configure httpd streaming output in mpd.conf but without success:
with encoder "vorbis" mpd crashs.
with encoder "lame" I can't start mpd because lame encoder is missing.

tried someone this too? Do someone have a tip for me?

thanks j

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Re: mpd output: http streaming

Post by jeroen94704 »

I tried it on a WL-500g, but never got it working. It seems that router at least simply doesn't have the processing power to decode an mp3 and re-encode it on the fly.

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