Audio problem. Choppy Output

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Audio problem. Choppy Output

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Hi everyone im new here and after seeing the wifi radio in all its glory i decided to build one for my father :)
Unfortunately Ive run into a problem, which is when the audio control from mpc is not 100 (mpc volume 100) the audio starts to skip and get very choppy.
It works fine when the volume is set to 100 and i have tested it both with a cheapo china audio adapter and a better 10$ one, both have the same problem.
If anyone knows what could be causing this it would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Audio problem. Choppy Output

Post by gerben »

Try it out with some other urls. And with different bit-rates. Seems pretty weird that it volume would be the cause.

Also try running 'top' and see whether the CPU usage is high, or memory very low when the choppiness occurs. Post it here if you are not sure. You could try killing some processes to free space, like dropbear if you use just telnet.

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