Building my first internet radio

Discussion about my Wifi Radio project at or my WL-520gU talk at NOTACON.
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Building my first internet radio

Post by woodymac1 »

I'm so glad I came across the MightyOhm blog! I have been wanting to build an internet radio for my wife and son. After going over steps 1-10, I came to the very quick realization that this project is way over my pay grade. With that said, I am not afraid to move forward! I'm looking to build something in more of the newbie category. An internet radio that is Linux / OSX based, power on/off,RCA out L and R, 9V volume class 2 AC/DC plug in power supply, Ethernet, small mono speaker, volume buttons up/down and LED. I'm hoping someone can help me take my first stab at this, with advise,schematics and anything else I can get. In advance thanks, and wish me luck!

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Re: Building my first internet radio

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What you describe is pretty much what MightyOhm built, minus the LCD display. If you want to start small, I'd suggest skipping the electronics part, and sticking to the software mod. This allows you to build an internet radio that you can control using your desktop/laptop/smartphone. This is essentially MightyOhm's series parts 1-5, although you can even skip the serial port modification if you want.

Alternatively, try this:

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Re: Building my first internet radio

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I only did the software part of Jeffs build. I never opened up the router itself. A little bit of experience with linux would be useful. I control the radio with the single SES button. You can just copy the code from this post: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=247
You can control the volume if you use some external speakers with a volume knob. Or just solder a variable resistor nob between the cable to the speaker.

It's not really hard. And got some sound out of the speakers very soon, which is very encouraging. Just watch the video of Jeff doing it in only 30 minutes. If you get stuck come back here, and we'll help you.

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