4Sale: 520GU, serial port added

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4Sale: 520GU, serial port added

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I've soldered in a working serial port on my Asus WL 520gu wireless router. I had a complicated project I wanted to use it for but lost motivation. I'm just selling everything now. I bought this router new off Amazon, soldered in the serial port, tested it several times.
I've watched it boot-up via the serial port & Z term several times. You can have the 3.3v TTL serial-USB cable, also. That should be a pretty good deal for anyone considering the projects on this forum.

To consider the shipping you'd pay, here is my zip code: 24060 Virginia. If you happen to be in the area, I'd sell locally. I'd like to use Google Checkout to close the deal.

I'm asking $20 for the router and the cable. But you have to pay the shipping on top of that.

Thanks. Please post your questions/interests.

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