Club-Mate, the hacker’s beverage of choice.

I’m at The Last HOPE in NYC this weekend, checking out lots of cool talks about hacking both hardware and software.  I took a few pictures today and put them up on flickr.

Club-Mate is a very popular beverage this year, a shipment arrived from Germany yesterday and bottles are on sale at the 2600 store on the Mezzanine.  Based on my experience, I have to agree with their motto, which is “You get used to it!”  The flavor is something like prune juice (!) crossed with tea and honey.  But honestly, are people drinking it for the flavor?

I’ll be at the con all weekend and should have an update soon.

4 thoughts on “Club-Mate, the hacker’s beverage of choice.”

  1. We are the sole distributor for the United Kingdom of the stimulating drink known as Club Mate [ˈklup ˈmaːtə].

    We are dedicated to providing these very high quality beverages to meet today’s specific market requirements and demands.

    Club-Mate refreshes and stimulates, without making you all fidgety. Club-Mate is made from maté – an old South American jungle plant. With its naturally occurring unique combination of stimulants, mate still works miracles, even in this day and age.

    Club-Mate is an exclusive beverage, available in four different flavours.
    The savour of Club Mate is somehow different but refreshing. It tastes like a soft drink, but not as a sweet.
    It features a unique combination of caffeine and tannins, it stimulates but doesn’t make you fidgety. It’s delicious and refreshing. Club-Mate combines everything, the market demands, it’s both thirst-quenching and delicious, digestible. It invigorates you and gives you a boost.

  2. I didn’t know they drank Mate in Argentina, but yeah, this is the same stuff. Club soda mate probably captures it pretty well, although I have never had the real stuff.

    I don’t know who the guy on the label is. Mate man?

  3. can’t wait to try it. prune juice, tea, and honey doesn’t sound that bad. who’s the guy in the logo?

  4. Mate! Just about everyone drinks Mate in Argentina and of course the first time I went down there, they reluctantly offered it to me, knowing that I probably wouldn’t like it. So Club mate is like Club Soda Mate? Sounds positively horrifying 🙂

    Hey at least its not nearly boiling hot and sipped through a communcal bombilla!

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