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  1. Yes, one of my first electronic projects!
    I still have the kit itself, but lost the manual.
    someone there that made the effort to scan it ?

  2. I came a cross a 150 in 1 kit a couple of years ago and had one in my earlier years but no manual. I really appreciate your 160 in 1 post and download. Thank you!

  3. I just purchased a kit that has this manual, as my kids really want to play with it. I’m going to make a PDF copy of the whole manual. I’ll need to sell the copies for a fair amount to cover my time to make it. Depending on how many people respond with interest, the cost will go down dramatically. Should be in the $2 to $10 range. I’ll make sure it’s a high quality copy. Please e-mail me direct (ryan@evsource.com) if interested.

        1. Hi Jeff,

          I understand it looks like I’m trying to sell this as a business venture, which is the wrong impression. I spent over $40 to buy a kit that had the manual, paid an employee about $50 in time to get it scanned, and then I spend company time responding to the inquiries. I’ve sold to date two copies and based in inquiries I’ve had, expect that I’ll sell maybe another 10 or so this year. So you see, I’m still subsidizing this. You’ve seen that in over two years of people inquiring how to get the manuals, nobody has stepped forward to make a scanned copy of it. Why? Because it takes time and money, and nobody has been willing to do that yet. I finally took the plunge and did it. Again, I’m not doing it to make a profit, but I wouldn’t mind making back somewhere close to what I put into it. I have a hard time seeing why it bothers you that I’m “advertising” them on them forum – aren’t I finally providing what people wanted? A copy of the hard-to-find manual at a very fair price?

          If someone steps forward and makes a “free” copy, then they are a more altruistic person than I am. I understand wanting things for free, I take whatever I can find that is and I need. But sometimes, it’s worth spending a little money to get what you need and to compensate those that have spent time making it possible for you to get that.

        2. By the way, I actually took the time to call Radio Shack to ask if there was any problem with me copying the manual, even if I sold the copies to cover my time and cost invested. The nice lady I talked with there said that there wasn’t any problem with that, since it’s helping people out and they can’t get it anywhere else (including from them direct).

  4. can anyone please help me source a copy of the 150 in 1 science fair manual a scanned or photocopy would be great and I would pasy for it.


  5. I also need the manual. If I find one, I’ll post it. Copies fall under the “fair use” copyright law for scholarship.

    1. I am also looking for a 150 in 1 or a 160 in 1 manual.
      Please contact me if you have one.
      Dave Simmons

  6. I am looking for a copy of the 150in1 manual and the 30in1 manual. If any one has a scanned copy htat they could send me a copuy, it would be appreciated.

    I have a 40in1 I could scan and send if anyone neads that.


  7. If anyone could scan these manuals and make them available, please do so. I have my original 150-in-1 although the manual is missing and I just bought a 130-in-1 at goodwill in the hope it had a manual, but it didn’t, although it’s in better condition than my badly worn 150-in-1 unit. My son has expressed an interest in the units currently for sale at Radio Shack, but I’d rather give him one of the old fashioned ones.

    As for those who are worried about copyright, may I point out that this is not like a regular book which has “value” on it’s own (ie. can be read independently). These manuals are only usable (as far as I know) to people who own the kits and Radio Shack received their payment for the manual with the purchase of the original kit. Also, I”m 99% certain that copyright law permits the creation of a copy for archival purposes to replace damaged media (ie. you are allowed to keep one copy if you purchased the original item). I’m pretty sure this applies to manuals as well as CDs and DVDs.

  8. I’m not sure if anyone is still following this thread, but I just found my original 150 in one kit today in the attic and was thrilled. I did every project in this kit and am glad i kept it. Surprisingly, I kept it all in tact, including the original earphone unit and the original wires and manual! I’m cleaning it up and with the book am going to see if the components still work.

    1. Scott,

      Cool! I’m sure the components will still work. I guess it’s possible that the electrolytics have dried out, but I doubt it.

      Have fun with your kit!


    2. Hello Scott,
      Just picked up the 160 in one for my 8 year old son. Did not know at the time there was a manual till my brother said there should be one. My son is excited to use this. Do you still have the manual? Would you be interested in sending me a copy or the original if worried about copy rights? Let me know.

  9. Jeff,
    You’re right, forgot about copyright. If anyone has a manual for the Science Fair 160 that they no longer have need of, let me know. Of course, I’ll pay for shipping. My son loss the original:)

    1. VanO – I’m not aware of an electronic copy of the manual. There may be copyright issues that would prevent us from scanning and posting it here.

  10. I recently found the book for my original kit. The kit itself is long gone. The book is in kind of sad shape, covers missing, last few pages might be missing as well. But if anyone wants it, contact me and I’ll send it to you for the price of shipping.

    1. You have the manual for the 160 in 1 Kit? I have the kit but no manual. I found the kit at Goodwill. I like to collect old handheld games and restore them. When my grandkids get older, they should have a lot of fun while learning. Please e-mail me. thanks -mike

    2. Do you still have this manual? I’m searching high and low for one! I have the kit, and lost the manual in a move. Now my son wants to play with the kit.


      1. Ryan,

        I sent my original, somewhat tattered copy to Michael a couple months ago.

        Since then I have come up with another copy, in much better condition. This would be a good candidate for someone to scan and make available online. However, I suspect that the manual is protected by copyright and I’m not sure what we would need to do to get permission from Radio Shack (who may not be interested in protecting this 25+ year old instruction manual anyway).

        1. Anyone still have the manual? I’ll pay to have it copied. I was given 6 of these, none with a manual. I want to use for my cub scout group. any help would be appreciated.

    3. I would appreciate your offer, I would gladly pay for the shipping of this manual if you still have it. Please let me know. Thanks.

  11. I still have my 160 in 1 kit, salvaged a capacitor and the 9v battery connector from it, but otherwise it’s still intact. It was a great learning toy that kept me out of trouble for hours! My son has taken an interest in it, he’s 8 and want’s to be an electronic tech like his old man. I have to dig up the book though, it’s somewhere in my piles from yester-year.

  12. I didn’t have 160-in-ONE, only 150-in-ONE! I feel cheated. No wonder my life is only exactly 93.75% of what it could have been. ๐Ÿ™

    I remember hours and hours putting circuits together. I wish I could recapture that excitement.

  13. I still have a Radio shack 10 in 1, 50 in 1, 75 in 1, and 150 in 1, all with the manuals and wires… Got each of them for Christmas, various years of my childhood…
    A wonderful gift for any kid…

    I’m keeping mine, and giving them to my son when he gets a bit older…


  14. Mine came with the manual. They do show up on ebay fairly regularly, you may be able to find a manual missing it’s kit or maybe an entire kit for under $20.

  15. I had one similar to this as a kid and actually received this exact kit at a white-elephant Xmas party this year but no project manual. I’ve been scouring the web looking for a copy of the manual, but no luck… I think my son would love this, but without the project guide it is fairly useless.

    1. I have this kit too. If I get a copy of the manual I’ll let you know, maybe I can scan it and e-mail it to you.

  16. I had one of these exact items as a kid. I got it used, from a cousin. I love it – I did most of the experiments, it was very fun. I eventually trashed it while trying to ‘strike out on my own’. Some of the components never worked after that, and I shelved it. Recently, I picked the same one up NEW IN THE BOX at a garage sale for 50 cents – can’t wait to try it out! The wires are still tied in their little bundles with tinned ends

  17. Same here. My Dad (hi Dad!) bought me one when I was very young – maybe 7 or 8. I didn’t know how the circuits worked either but it was easy enough to put them together. I remember showing them off to people and carrying the kit around everywhere. The most impressive circuit was probably the morse code transmitter.

  18. Stephan,

    That is one of the first circuits in the book and the first one that I made when I bought my kit off ebay last year – my original kit was torn apart during my darker teenage years. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It turns out you can still buy kits like this new, although not this exact model.

    Every kid should have one of these. It’s probably the best way to get exposure to electronics at a young age, period.

  19. Oh yeah. Wasn’t there a sample circuit in the instructions that used the “CdS” cell and speaker to make something that sounded like a theramin?

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