We rocked the Maker Faire!

Sadly, the Maker Faire is over – but it was totally awesome!  Kylie, Tony and I gave out hundreds of moo cards and stickers, met lots of Makers, and spread the word about my DIY wireless streaming internet radio project.

Here’s a pic of me and Tony during the second day of the Faire.  Tony built the awesome wooden enclosure for the project.  Last week, he decided to come up from Los Angeles at the last minute to see what the Maker Faire is all about.  Based on the grin he had all weekend, I’m pretty sure he’ll be back next year.

2009 Bay Area Maker Faire

My project won an Editor’s Choice ribbon!  Here’s a very happy me with Phil Torrone and Limor Fried of Make/Adafruit Industries:

2009 Bay Area Maker Faire

I took lots of photos!  Check em out.

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