Rigol DS1052E 50MHz to 100MHz scope hack

Hack a Day posted yesterday that a guy named Ross turned his 50MHz Rigol DS1052E into a 100MHz capable instrument by removing part of a lowpass filter on the analog inputs.

I think it remains to be seen whether there are any other mods required to make this work like a real DS1102E (ie. does the 1052E firmware limit the minimum horizontal timescale?) but this is hardware hacking at its finest!

Read more about it on the EEVblog forums.

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  1. Jeff,

    Thanks, I have read that blog.

    At any case it seems like DS1022C (BTW, it is older and cheaper) has another “right way” (or has not it at all). Say, :INFO:MODEL? returns nothing, ‘:IO:TEST ABC’ also returns nothing (*IDN?, :INFO:SERIAL? do work – so connection is OK).

  2. Anli – I am not aware of a hack for the DS1022C. I don’t know if the same weakness in the 1052E applies to any other scopes. I think the DS1052E was the first target because it is common and cheap.

    More info about the software hack is here:

  3. I have tried this software hack with DS1022C without success. Does it mean there isn’t a way to apply the hack to this model?

  4. Here is the detail for you.
    Connect a straight through serial cable to scope and computer.

    Open up a terminal program on the PC, set to 9600 baud 8 data bits, no parity,1 stop bit, no flow control, set it to echo back what you type and send only Linefeeds.

    to test coms send :IO:TEST testing
    it should come back with “testing”

    great, now to hack your scope



      Here is the rest

      No change the serial (X is your own serial)

      Switch off the scope then back on and calibrate.

      Job Done, you now have a 100Mhz DS1102E

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