AVRISP mkII libusb drivers for Windows 7 / Vista x64

Continuing on the theme of my last post, here are libusb-win32 drivers for the Atmel AVRISP mkII. Unlike the Atmel-supplied drivers, these support avrdude, and as a bonus they will install on the 64-bit version of Windows 7 without digital signature errors. Yes!


Note that if you want to use the AVRISP mkII with AVR Studio, these are not the drivers you are looking for. You want the ones Atmel provides (if you installed the libusb drivers by mistake, re-run the AVR Studio installer to revert back).

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    1. Windows 10 is more strict. Try running the installer as administrator. You may also need to disable digital signature checks in the Win10 startup menu.

    2. Thanks for your help Jeff. I finally got it installed over the weekend. Had to install the LibUSB Filter Driver to allow AVRDUDE to talk to the AVRISPmk2, since the Atmel Studio drivers apparently changed at some point and prevent AVRDUDE from being able to find the USB device, even if Atmel Studio is not running. See here:




      Once you install the filter driver, you just run the simple GUI, select the AVRISPmkII USB device and Bob’s your Uncle. 🙂

      1. Glad you got it working. Thanks for mentioning the filter driver, that is very useful for folks who want to install AVR Studio concurrently with avrdude. I’ve used the filter driver successfully in the past but couldn’t get it working with Windows 10, so I’ll have to give that a shot again.

  1. Hi, I am having trouble finding the driver in this zip folder. When I plug in the AVRISP mkII, it says there is no driver for the device. Then when I go to device manager and try to choose a driver to use from the installation folder, it says one was found, but the computer couldn’t find the file. I tried to run the installer_x64, but it didn’t appear that anything happened. From the README file, it appears that there should be a file named inf-wizard.exe in the folder x86, but my download did not come with that. Do I need this file, or do you have any suggestions? Thanks for bearing with my probably really obvious question, I am new to using the AVRISP. Any suggestions appreciated!

    1. Rachel – you could try using the .inf file in the root directory of the .zip. Or maybe running the installer as admin. But I’m not sure – it’s been a while since I last tried installing this driver. An alternative would be to go to the libusb site and create a new version.

  2. Is this driver having some problems with CrossWorks from Rowley? I installed them properly, the driver itself was OK, but when I tried to connect to it via activated CrossWorks, it told me to reinsert the programmer. The problem persist after doing so…

  3. It doesn’t seemed to work on my AVR Studio BETA 5 and avr dude even the driver was installed… can you give me an idea to fix this…?

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