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Soldering is Easy morse code translation, by David July.

(Click for the full-size version.)

Thanks, David!  Mitch and I both really like this one.  Mitch, who used to be able to do 20 wpm, could read it much faster than I could!

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  1. Enough of the damn translation blog posts already, jesus, congratulations, move on, I’m one more away from unsubscribing.

    1. Adam,

      Sorry to hear you don’t like the translation posts.

      It’s important to get the word out about translations. It’s also important to give something back to the translators by linking to their blogs or websites on the front page of my blog.

      For these reasons I don’t plan to stop posting translations of the solder comic. I do think that we’ll probably start getting fewer translations once most of the common languages are complete, so you can look forward to fewer posts about the comic in the future.

      I can try to reduce the volume of posts somewhat by combining several translations into one post when possible.

      Sorry you don’t like the traffic. My advice would be to ignore it.


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