New product: Laser-cut Case for the Geiger Counter Kit

Geiger Counter with Lasercut Case

I’m happy to announce the release of a custom laser-cut case for the Geiger Counter kit!

The case, which is made of high quality clear acrylic, comes with standoffs and all the hardware needed to assemble it.

Geiger Counter Case

The case includes access holes for the HV adjustment, the piezo beeper, and the mute button.

Geiger Counter Case

There are also cutouts for the battery compartment and the serial/ICSP/pulse headers.

A pushbutton switch with a 17mm long plunger is included with the case.  This can be optionally installed in place of the existing microswitch S2 on the geiger counter.  The long plunger makes the mute button easier to actuate with the case on.

Here is the kit with the new switch installed:

Geiger Counter Case

You can purchase a Geiger Counter kit with the case included or just the case by itself (f you already have a kit) over on the Geiger Counter kit product page or by clicking “add to cart” below.

Geiger Kit Options

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