A glimpse at Electronics Workbenches around the world…

Since creating the Electronics Workbench Flickr group last November, I have received lots and lots of really amazing submissions from electronics hobbyists and professionals around the world.

My two biggest takeaways so far? I do not own nearly enough test equipment, and my shop is not nearly as well-organized or space-efficient as it could be (I need to use all available wall space and build up).

Here are a few of my favorite images from the group:

Click any of these images for a larger version!

Joe Grand (of Prototype This! and Grand Idea Studio) and his awesome electronics workshop:
Joe Grand Interview, 2012-01-17

Joe Grand Interview, 2012-01-17
(Nice scope, Joe!)

blalor turned his BMW into a temporary workshop, and his passenger seat is the electronics workbench (note the laptop perched on the dash):
My current “workbench”

eschlaep (Eric Schlaepfer of tubetime.us) submitted this moody shot of a CRT project in progress:
5" Cathode Ray Tube - Lissajous Figure

Senke2 has a nice home lab with a lofty feel:

Looks like *someone* has a Tektronix fetish. Beautiful setup by Alan (W2AEW):
W2AEW Workbench

More scope envy, of both the oscillo- and micro- kinds (Thanks Mgburr!):

embeddederic sent in this picture of his workbench. Note the Tek 491 spectrum analyzer up top, 10MHz – 12GHz with 1950s(?) technology:

And lastly, check out this awesome workbench panorama by anachrocomputer (best viewed large):
Lab Panorama
See if you can spot the Tektronix 575 curve tracer!

There are lots more great photos in the group photo pool.

Do you have an electronics workbench that you’re proud of? Snap a photo and share it with the group!

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  1. I just tried to post a photo of some of our work spaces but it wouldn’t let me. Its amazing how different out UK warehouse is compared to our china one. We are also very impressed with the guy using his car as a work space, that’s dedication.

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