14 thoughts on “SMT Soldering – It’s easier than you think!”

  1. Hey guys, I really love the comic books… I’m actually just beginning with soldering and I find them not only aestetically(?) nostalgic, but most informing and edutational making me feel confident enough to just do it and not be afraid of the damn stuff…

    I’d love to see a similar comic book on Using a Multimeter and other fundamental things… How about a comic book series on classic circuits themselves, that would be great too… The comic book motif is awsome and done well, excellent job folks!

    Thumbs Up and Not Burnt…

  2. Stick the SMD components on paper or card with paper glue. Let it dry and then solder away. You can use strands of copper wire from a piece of multi-stranded wire for any connections you cannot make otherwise.

  3. Hi Guys,

    Sorry for the delay – attempted to contact everyone a few weeks ago but it looks like emails got messed up on the server. Anyway Alex thanks for the offer. I have sent an email with the SMT comic text for translation to you today as well as translators for Portuguese, French, Spanish & Japanese.

    Once translated, I will post the versions on the web site as soon as possible (promise!)


    1. Alexander,

      Did you contact the authors of the comic (shown on the cover page)? I will forward your offer to translate to them.


      1. Hey Jeff

        YES! I did contact them via their contact form on their website. Two times sofar.

        No response!

        I dont have a direct email from them.

        I really would want to translate that comic. But I need the comic files. =(

        1. I contacted them as well, apparently there was an issue getting a readily editable file for translation. I think the guys behind this comic are pretty busy, I’ll ping them again.

    1. I did the german translation of the “Soldering is Easy” comic book, and I would like to offer my services again for this awesome new Comic.

      Please contact me.

      Greetings from Berlin

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