PID Thermo controller

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Re: PID Thermo controller setup

Post by RichW »

As a kiln builder of some historic period in the 1980s I am seeing a few people with what sounds like connection issues with the therocouple.
Let me outline a little known fact or two:
Part 1
1 The cable that connects to the themrocouple is a bimetallic pair - one cable in the pair is positive and the other is negative,
2 Note that each type of cable is specific to the thermocouple type.
3 Change your matching cable if you change the thermocouple - temperature readings will be way off if you dont do this.

Part 2
To ensure you setup your connections correctly, follow this process:-
1 Disconnect the thermocouple (the probe end)
2 Twist the end of the connecting cable so there is a "good" connection (the other ends are connected to the Temperature Points at the "box")
3 Heat the end of the twisted cable. If your reading goes upscale it is connected correctly. If it goes downscale it is wrong so reverse your meter connections. Retest (you may have replaced them the same as before). Believe me that IS possible.
4 Connect the twin cable to your thermocouple. Reheat and check for a rise in temperature. If temperature goes down - reverse the thermocouple connection and retest.

If temperatures have been around half what is expected this is a sure sign of incorrect terminal hookup.

I have had reports of a kiln melt-down due to this problem despite clear instructions as to how to hook up the temperature controller.
Essentially you will be reading a lower temperature than what is being sensed at the thermocouple.

Hope this helps you as an experimenter......... :D

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Re: PID Thermo controller

Post by fiara13 »

pt13 wrote:Hoping someone can help.

I purchased a Berme rex C-100 pid with SSR on ebay. After wiring it up and powering it there were some funny numbers and i had already read that some of the programming was a little difficult. i started with trying to get into the menus etc., and i couldn't really change anything. I tried the set and < buttons at the same time but that didn't work. After a while i tried the set and v (down) button at the same time to which it went into a different menu with LAS, HAS and CAS. These values were showing in the order of 49 and after pressing set a couple more times it returned to initial reading with PV and SV. However now it will not show the PV and each time i change the SV the PV seems to go with it somewhat. Have I done something to the software that i can't fix?

I have the same problem. I think these settings are for calibration. Do you have a solution?

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Re: PID Thermo controller

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I use a temperature regulator in a household smoker and it is ok.
I bought another REX C700 in China. The regulator has changed the parameter settings in the menu, some of which were in cod 0001 are now in the first menu where ALM1 ..... for example the parameter oH.
There is only SL1 to SL6 in the 0000 menu
But the strangest are the 3 parameters in the first menu, including what are:
FAC -? (0999)
AOT (R) -? (0999)
Anyone know what these parameters are?

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Re: PID Thermo controller

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Can anyone help me with the modification of a Rex 12v.
I try to measure the voltage after the MB10S, but can't get a clear voltage reading, where should i make a connection for the 12v power supply?

I want to make a bbq controller on a 12v car/motorcycel i have to convert it to 12v.

Also i want to make an out-put from 0-10V to control a fan for the temperature. and as i have seen there are types that can out-put 0/4mA-20mA of 0-10V.

The fan draws 0,3 Amp on 12 volt, so i like to try running the fan directly off the C100.

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