DIY Scintillation Detector

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DIY Scintillation Detector

Post by bratan »

Curios if anyone tried making Scintillation detector? It's about 100x more sensitive than regular geiger-muller tube based detectors (scientists actually this tech to detect neutrinos too).
It's based on scintillation crystals which generate a photon when it's atom is hit with gamma energy. Photomultiplyer tube then detects and amplifies single photon and converts to electrical signal.
I found some plans how to make one (need a scintillation crystal and photomultiplier) and already ordered Ludlum Model 3 analog ratemeter, but eventually I want to add digital output to log data... So if anyone had any experience with these, and tips or advise will be appreciated! :)

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Re: DIY Scintillation Detector

Post by mightyohm »

I haven't tried it, but I saw this recently: ... s/GS-1100A

You have to supply your own PMT and scintillator crystal, but that interface does the rest...

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