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Bremer REX C100

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 10:04 am
by Lionheart
Hi, I bought a Bremer REX C100 on ebay from China... It is used for controling temprature in a powder coat oven.
Since the instruction manual that came with the PID controler was in chinese (wich I don't understand) I looked up an instalation video on youtube and got the oven working fine. Set "SV" to 200 degree celsius and watched as the the temperature rised to "SV" value, opened the door and placed coated parts in the oven and closed door. Temperature dropped to 160 degrees during this operation. Again watched temperature rise. And here is where my trouble starts, the temerature did not level out at "SV", it went 210 degrees, now I unplugg two of four heating elements to try regulate the temperature. Still temerature was rising. At 240 degrees I cheeked inside oven and heat elements was red hot, obviously full power still, way above set point. Here is my question, how to set the PID controler to "read and registrate" set point (SV). Still don't understand this chinese thing... :p