Pancake GM Probe with CDV-700 : simple BNC adapter

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Pancake GM Probe with CDV-700 : simple BNC adapter

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The 6993 GM tube in the CDV-700 Geiger Counter / Survey Meter operates at 900 Volts.

There are many GM tubes and radiation detectors which include 900 Volts within their operating range,
and some are housed in probes with a female BNC connector. I was interested in trying my CDV-700
with other tubes using a BNC connection, in particular the Eberline HP-260 pancake probe, but I did not
want to modify my excellent-original-condition Victoreen CDV-700 - the solution was a simple adapter
which is considerably less complicated than the BNC adapter described at the instructables website.

The description of the BNC adapter and some uses of it are presented here : ... apter.html

Berj / KI3U

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