avrisp mkii under Arduino IDE, Win7/64

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avrisp mkii under Arduino IDE, Win7/64

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The MightyOhm avrispmkii_libusb-win32_1.2.1.0.zip package is not working for me. Is there an "inf" file missing? After installing libusb0.sys and the renamed libusb0_x86.dll, my Device Manager reports

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Code 1: A service installation section in this INF [what INF??] is invalid.
When I charge onward, disregarding this warning, the Arduino IDE rejects my attempt to burn a bootloader, saying

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avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"
I am open to all suggestions.

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Re: avrisp mkii under Arduino IDE, Win7/64

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Have you tried following these instructions?
http://eliaselectronics.com/using-the-a ... n-windows/

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