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Re: Mightyohm Geiger Counter & Raspberry Pi

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After fixing the short-circuit, the remaining step would be to connect J6-1 to any 3.3V pin from the Raspberry Pi (1, 17) to provide power to the Geiger Counter. Since the GC only needs ~8mA you could even connect it to a GPIO pin (they can handle up to 16mA) instead of 3.3V, e.g. like this:

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Raspberry Pi <-> Geiger Counter
 TxD     (8) <-> (J7-4) RxD
 RxD    (10) <-> (J7-5) TxD
 GPIO 4 (16) <-> (J6-1) VCC
 GPIO 5 (18) <-> (J6-2) PULSE
 GND    (20) <-> (J6-3) GND
Now you can switch the GC on and off via GPIO 4, do your own counts and stats of the pulses on GPIO 5 and also have the readings via the serial port.

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Re: Mightyohm Geiger Counter & Raspberry Pi

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I don't think I'd recommend powering the kit from a GPIO. While the average current might be a few mA the peak current is higher.

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