Arduino Nano + USB Power pack goes radioactive-antique shopping

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Arduino Nano + USB Power pack goes radioactive-antique shopping

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Hi everyone, I managed to assemble an arduino nano with a 3v3 TTL level shifter and 16x2 display. A USB battery powers the arduino which provides the 3.3v power to the geiger counter and reads the pulses and other info from the TTL serial link into the arduino which is then displayed. No more geiger counter batteries to worry about! Plus the arduino can connect to a laptop as a data logger. It's paired with a selfie stick to hold the sketchy looking assembly in place.

Is anyone still in need of the schematics or instructions [edit: to connect an arduino to the geiger counter with TTL]? It seems alot of people are doing wireless connectivity to the their phones now which is pretty cool but I'd be happy to draw up a schematic for a wired arduino if it would be useful.

Anyway, we hit a few antique shops to find some radioactive sources and test it all out. If you're interested in the antique sources or seeing the arduino/display contraption, there's a video posted at


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