Serial Pinout for J7

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Serial Pinout for J7

Post by airtac »

I am looking for the pin out of J7 serial port. I can not find it on your site or on the forums


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Re: Serial Pinout for J7

Post by mightyohm »

The pinout is compatible with the FTDI USB-serial cable. You'll notice the in the attached image TX/RX are swapped from the pinout listed below - this is because on the FTDI cable, TX and RX are defined with respect to the host, while on the kit the pins are defined with respect to the microcontroller on the kit.

1. GND (marked with an arrow)
2. GND
3. NC
4. RX (data to the kit)
5. TX (data from the kit)
6. NC
ftdi_pinout.png (13.88 KiB) Viewed 4180 times

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