BOM with manufacturer part numbers

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BOM with manufacturer part numbers

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First of all, really cool project and thanks for open sourcing it ! :)

I'm currently trying to build a Mighyohm from a bare pcb and are sourcing the components.

Is there anywhere a BOM with manufacturer part numbers?

For some parts the info in the available BOM/partlist are not enough.

More specifically:
Which capacitive load should the resonator have?
Which fusfeclip is used?
What should the voltage rating of the capacitors be?

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Re: BOM with manufacturer part numbers

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I've never released a full BOM for a few reasons, but primarily to discourage blatant low-effort ripoffs of the kit. The other big reason is that in over ten years no one has ever asked for it! :D

The existing BOM actually has a lot of good info and I think there's only a few places where you have to fill in the blanks. Sorry it's not more complete. I've debated updating it at various times and it's good to know that there is interest.

I've had problems sourcing resonators and this component has changed several times over the life of the kit (more than any other component). Unless you are talking to a serial device that has very strict timing requirements, pretty much any 8MHz 3-terminal ceramic resonator should work. (This is good news because there aren't very many PTH resonators left to choose from.) I am currently using Murata CSTLS8M00G53-B0.

The fuse clips are ordinary 3AG fuse clips. I like to use Littelfuse 01020074Z which has always been readily available.

The capacitor voltage ratings are given in the existing BOM. Most of them are not critical. C1 and C2 are high voltage. Voltages are given for these caps.

Two components are obsolete and no longer available. I have not identified replacements yet (since I did some lifetime buys before they were discontinued). Q1 (onsemi FJN3303F) and L1 (Panasonic ELC-09D103F). If you purchased a bare board and would like these parts I can mail them to you for the price of postage. Contact

Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck building your kit.

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