Where to find OpenWrt info & help

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Where to find OpenWrt info & help

Post by mightyohm »

Some useful places to find info on OpenWrt, including wireless configuration options, etc. Note that not all options are supported by all chipsets, and some things may only work in the latest release of OpenWrt (the tutorials here are based on an old version that is somewhere in between Kamikaze 7.09 and 8.09).

Supported hardware tables

OpenWrt forums. You will probably get a faster/better answer to OpenWrt questions on their forums vs. here.

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Re: Where to find OpenWrt info & help

Post by seanmack »

OK I am in the process of building the WiFi Radio using the ASUS WL-520GU.

I have installed OpenWrt and have my radio stations playing. But I find that I must use the BusyBox command stty and that is not available on the .trx file I installed.

I am in the process of trying to re-install OpenWrt but am having great difficulty.
I am trying to use the Asus Firmware Restoration tool to do this but I am getting a message saying it is looking for an IP address.
I have fixed my Windows IP address to
The current IP address of the WL-520GU is, it was acquired using DHCP.
Do I need to fix the router's address to
And if so how???

Any help or info would be most welcome.

I am not 'at home' using linux so be gentle please.


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