Does it work with the ATtiny861A

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Does it work with the ATtiny861A

Post by rkagerer »

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I'm not sure how similar my chip is to the ATtiny2313. Will the circuit and code for this project work with my ATtiny861A?

Note I think my chip doesn't support high voltage serial programming, just normal serial and high voltage parallel. I want to try the latter as my chip seems to be bricked. Also note the BS2 pin is shared with XA1, and the BS1 pin is shared with PAGEL.

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Re: Does it work with the ATtiny861A

Post by mightyohm »

It looks like the ATtiny861A uses a slightly different pinout for HVPP. As a result, the existing sketch won't work without modification.

Did you purchase a kit? If so, email your order details to and let's work together on getting this working for you.

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