[Solved] Nothing on serial monitor

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[Solved] Nothing on serial monitor

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I keep waiting for the the serial monitor to load so I can continue nothing ever happens. I know I put the mightyohm together properly. The shield loaded properly I followed the procedure installed the shield aml leds lit as they were suppose to. This shield is being used on a arduino uno. The only thing maybe different is the 328P started with the latest optiboot not sure if this is the cause. Does your sketch overwrite the bootloader and fuses?

Tried two different unos one at com 4 other at com3. Also when Open Serial Monitor I see the orange L led lit on Uno followed by both the red/green leds on shield and orange TX on arduino uno then all leds off on arduino except green power led of course and green led lit on shield. It looks like all the proper communication is happening or not?


Ok I changed the baud rate to 9600 on serial monitor and now I have select mode. But still when I select 1 atmega328P 28 pin then I select 1 again? I see some garbled information on the screen now. Now I click the go button what should happen? I don’t really see anything happen in serial monitor.

The baud rate keeps switching back to 19200 on the serial monitor and it just stops responding I think this is the issue you have the baud rate set to 9600 in the sketch do I need to change that to 19200? When I place the chip into the socket and hit go nothing happens.

Edited Again

The default baud rate is not working for me at 9600 I changed it to 19200 and now I am seeing everything I should see on the serial monitor and it’s interactive. I told it to set lfuse to F7 red led has been lit for a while now almost like it froze I’ll try it all over again.

Edited again

So the rest was user error as far as flashing the fuse settings I was entering values without the preceding 0x per instructions sorry about that although the persistent issue of the Serial Monitor communication was the baud rate issue fixed by changing the sketch from 9600 baud to 19200 baud compiled and uploaded the modified sketch everything working now.
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Re: [Solved] Nothing on serial monitor

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Glad you got your kit working, and thanks for posting!
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