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forums shutting down end of this month (April 2023)

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2023 2:01 pm
by mightyohm
Hello all,

I will be shutting down these forums at the end of this month (April 2023).

The forums have been a great asset for over ten years, but unfortunately spam continues to be a constant battle and at this point there is very little legitimate activity in all but the Geiger Counter product support forum.

Starting today I will be turning off new user registrations and will start offering product support via e-mail. You can send email to

The forums may re-emerge in a different form at a later date, but I think it's time to put phpbb to rest!

Thanks to all who have posted, asked questions, shared projects and otherwise contributed over the years.

(BTW The kits are still in production and available! There is no change to kit production, I am just moving to e-mail support. Don't panic!)