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-===  Personalized  Bobblehead  Dolls  === 
-The bobblehead dolls( uses soft clay to shape a flat photo into a simulated human pottery based on a character photo. The bobblehead facial features are similar to the characters in the photos, and they have various forms. Can be made into a beautiful fashion model, wearing avant-garde fashion, can also be made into office white-collar workers, wearing professional outfits, can also be made into athletes, do all kinds of sports. More interesting is that by adding scene props, such as sofas, cars, airplanes, etc. to increase the sense of environment of the characters. 
-bobblehead dolls emphasize "personality", because each bobblehead dolls is made from a real person, and the facial model simulates the appearance of a person. Carving your face into a cartoon look is absolutely unique in the world. Costumes and backgrounds can also be determined by the customizer. Even if you want to be a superman, a star, or even a spider man, We can meet your requirements and realize your aspirations that cannot be achieved in reality.