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Solder Comic Feedback

  • Jeff V: “One thing I would like to see is information and tips on how to attach objects to a board that don’t have leads to bend (e.g. ICs). They can be difficult to solder on when they won’t stay on the board!”
  • Coofer Cat: “I was always taught to clean the soldering iron, then dab a tiny amount of solder onto it. This gives the iron a “liquid edge” which means it touches the pad and the lead with a greater surface, which ensures the heat is transferred (evenly and quickly). In truth, simple joints work either way, but more difficult ones benefit from this technique. Also, I was taught to look at the shape of the solder join when it’s cold. If the join has a sort of inverted curved pyramid shape around the lead, then it’s good (because the solder has properly wetted the joint), but if it’s sort of a blubous outwardly curved shape, then there’s a good chance the joint is dry (and although it may work now, it’ll probably fail in the future). Either way, this and the one-page version of it are great guides – thanks!”

Andie's Blog

  • Mike says: “A great little starter guide. The use of safety glasses should be stressed more. Banging the board on the table is not recommended. I still have a scar from 40 years ago from doing this.”
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