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Microcontrollers known to work with the HV Rescue Shield and HV Rescue Shield 2

This list is in progress and by no means complete. Most devices that are pin-compatible with the ones shown here will work with no modification to the Rescue Shield software or hardware.

If you have good results with a device that is not listed, please consider adding it.

Hardware versions < 2.0 (the original version of the shield):

  • ATmega48/88/168
  • ATmega48P/88P/168P/328P (only 328P has been tested)
  • ATmega48PA/88PA/168PA (should work, but have not been tested)
  • ATtiny2313

Hardware versions >= 2.0 (the HV Rescue Shield 2, with 3 IC sockets):

  • All microcontrollers shown above for the original hardware
  • ATtiny13A
  • ATtiny25/45/85
  • most 8-pin ATtiny microcontrollers should be supported, since they share the same HVSP protocol
  • if you have tested a part not listed here, please consider adding it to the list!

Note: Not all ATtiny parts have an EFUSE. If you try to read the EFUSE on a device that doesn't have one shown in the datasheet, it will most likely return 0xFF, and attempts to change it will not work (but could have unexpected results).

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