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If you are editing this page, remember that this is a directory of companies that primarily sell new parts, while the surplus page is intended for shops that sell used or salvaged parts and equipment. There is necessarily some overlap between the two. If you think a retailer sells both types of items, then it's ok to add it to both lists.

Mail Order


Big Suppliers with Large, Heavy Catalogs

  • Digikey (Thief River Falls, MN) -
  • Newark / Farnell / Element 14 are all part of the same company (Premier Farnell). The many faces of Farnell are confusing. I don't think Element 14 actually has a printed catalog. What is Element 14's online store - another interface to Newark or Farnell's catalog? Something else? I'm not sure. — jeff 01/15/2011 12:12
  • Mouser is located in Mansfield, TX (near Ft. Worth), so UPS ground shipping to Austin is usually overnight. (USPS, however, still takes 2-3 days) — jeff 01/15/2011 12:04
  • Newark Electronics -

Smaller Suppliers

  • Jameco (San Mateo, CA) -
    • Smaller operation with limited selection, but they tend to carry the most useful stuff, their catalog is easy to browse, and they have very good prices on some items.
    • They have a will-call counter in Belmont, CA (20 minutes from San Francisco).
    • Thailand-based discount electronics supplier. Cheap prices, I've seen some complaints of long shipping times. — jeff 10/03/2011 16:01
    • Cheap components, located in Thailand.
    • Canadian components store.

Small Companies / Boutique Shops

These are smaller companies that generally cater to the hobbyist market, although some of them are getting quite large (eg. Sparkfun).


Specialty Vendors

Antique Radio Parts



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