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Product and Support Information

Information and support information pertaining to products designed by MightyOhm and sold on

Geiger Counter - Information about the MightyOhm Geiger Counter Kit

HV Rescue Shield - Information about the HV Rescue Shield and HV Rescue Shield 2


Other projects that have been featured on the site:

Wifi Radio - Information about the Wifi Radio project

DIY PID-controlled Soldering Hotplate - PID controllers and other information related to my hotplate project.

Other Resources

New Electronics - Places to find electronic components, tools, and other stuff you might need.

Surplus Electronics - Places to find stuff you didn't know you needed, often used. Many also sell new items.

Components - Datasheets and other component information.

PCB Resources - Printed Circuit Board manufacturers and other resources related to PCBs.

Lab Supplies - Solder and other lab supplies.

Software Tools - Handy software tools for working with electronics.

Hardware Tools - Every engineer loves toys. Here are a few favorites.

Test Equipment - Electronic test equipment information, manuals, etc.

PID Controllers - Information about PID (sometimes called Process) Controllers. There's a separate page for the common CD101.

StereoStar - AO StereoStar Zoom Microscope Resources

Miscellaneous - Stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Commodore 64 - Commodore 64 and related resources.

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