Usage Instructions

Modifying the miniPOV3:

To use the ICSPOV with the miniPOV3, you need to make one simple modification.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t affect the miniPOV3 in any way, and it can still be used with a regular COM port and the old DASA programming method after you’re done.

Most AVR programmers expect to find voltage on the VCC pin of the 6-pin ICSP interface.  The miniPOV wasn’t designed with this in mind, so VCC is not provided on the DB-9 connector.  This is easy to fix.

Flip the miniPOV board over so you are looking at the back side.  Solder a wire from pin 9 of of the DB-9 connector (the pin all the way on the left) to the positive (+) battery terminal.  That’s the terminal connected to the red wire, or the one on the left if you are looking at the bottom of the PCB.

Here’s a photo of the completed mod.  Easy!

miniPOV3 mod

Editing the Makefile:

You can download the original miniPOV3 firmware here.

The first few lines of the original miniPOV3 Makefile look like this:

MCU = attiny2313
F_CPU = 8000000   	# 8 MHz
#AVRDUDE_PORT = lpt1	# programmer connected to windows parallel
AVRDUDE_PORT = com1	# programmer connected to serial

To use the ICSPOV adapter instead, and assuming you are using a USBTinyISP programmer, you’ll need to change these lines to look like this instead:

MCU = attiny2313
F_CPU = 8000000   	# 8 MHz
#AVRDUDE_PORT = lpt1	# programmer connected to windows parallel
AVRDUDE_PORT = usb	# programmer connected to serial

If you are using the Atmel AVRISP mk II, change the last parameter to avrisp2 instead of usbtiny.

Using the ICSPOV:

To use the ICSPOV you’ll need an AVR programmer and a working AVR toolchain.  If you’re new to programming the AVR, I have written a series of toolchain installation tutorials you can use to get started.  If you need a programmer, you can get an inexpensive USBTinyISP kit from Adafruit.

Plug the ICSPOV into the miniPOV3 and connect the 6-pin programming cable to the ICSP header.  Make sure you align pin 1 of the cable (it usually has a dot or an arrow next to it) with pin 1 on the PCB (the one with a triangle pointing to it.)

ICSPOV with 6-pin cable

Turn on the switch on the miniPOV3 battery pack and execute “make program-make” (or program-test_leds or your own Makefile target).

The Makefile should automatically launch avrdude and program the miniPOV3.  The entire programming process will complete in a few seconds, depending on the complexity of your POV message.

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