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Introducing the MightyOhm Geiger Counter kit!

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  • 100% Open Source Hardware!
  • LED and piezo speaker alert you to detected radioactivity.
  • Mute button for silent operation.
  • An ATtiny2313 microcontroller brain that is begging to be hacked!
  • Support for several common Geiger-Müller tubes: SI-3BG, SI-1G, and SBM-20.  HV supply can be adjusted from ~300-600V.
  • Headers for serial (9600 baud), in-circuit programming of the AVR microcontroller, and pulse output (to connect the geiger counter to other stuff!)
  • Serial data logging!  Counts per second (CPS), counts per minute (CPM), and equivalent dose are reported via the serial port once a second.

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Geiger Counter Parts

There are several ordering options:

  • You can buy a complete package that includes the Geiger Counter kit, Geiger-Muller tube, and a custom laser-cut case (recommended).
  • You can buy just the Geiger Counter kit with a tested, known good SBM-20 Geiger-Muller tube included.
  • You can buy the same kit with all parts except the Geiger tube (in case you already have one).
  • The laser-cut case is available separately.
  • Or, you can purchase a bare PCB only (for experimenters).
See the Shipping Status page for information about current stock and delivery.

You can select one of these options below:

Geiger Kit Options

Shipping Information

US Customers:

Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
Allow 1-2 weeks for order processing and delivery.

International customers:

Updated August 2017!

There are now two options for international shipping: Economy and Expedited.

Expedited Shipping
Expedited shipping is via USPS Priority Mail International.
Expedited service offers insurance up to $200 and limited tracking to participating countries.
Delivery time is typically 2-3 weeks but can sometimes take longer due to customs delays.

Economy Shipping
Economy shipping is via USPS First Class International Package.
Economy shipping does not offer tracking or insurance.
Delivery time is typically 4-6 weeks but can vary due to customs delays.

Very important note: VAT taxes, duties, import tariffs, customs fees, etc. are the responsibility of the buyer!


The HVPS is based on a design that I first saw at BroHogan‘s DIYGeigerCounter site.  The original circuit appears in “Biassing [sic] G-M Tubes Isn’t So Hard” by Tom Napier in the January 2004 issue of Nuts & Volts.

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