mightyOhm.com T-Shirts!

Today I decided to take Zazzle for a spin and created a fun t-shirt for the site.

I used GIMP to create the design and remain impressed with this open source alternative to Photoshop.

Like the design?  Great news! Thanks to Zazzle’s marketplace, you can get one for yourself!

If you order before November 4th, Zazzle will give you $3 off the price of the shirt.  Enter promotional code 3OFFZAZZLETS during checkout.

Update: There is one for girls, too.

Visit my Zazzle Gallery.

Are you as handy with Java as your are with a soldering iron? Do you code by day and flash micros at night? Does writing cycle accurate code turn you on? If you answered any one of these questions with a resounding yes, this stylish shirt is just for you.



8 thoughts on “mightyOhm.com T-Shirts!”

  1. Oh, I am happy with the design, just didn’t fit as expected. Wasn’t an issue with you, just wanted everyone to possibly consider ordering a size up if they do.

  2. Eric –

    I’m really sorry to hear that. My impression is that Zazzle will do whatever it takes to make it right. You can contact them for a return and get your money back. If you have any issues please let me know and I’ll make sure things get resolved.

    Here is their returns page:

    I ordered an XL and it fit as expected, even after washing. Then again I tend to go large on shirts so I may have just lucked out.

    Again, I’m really sorry, I want everyone to be happy with their shirts!

  3. Got my shirt today….nice design.

    FYI, though: The sizes run extremely small, order at least a size up. The brand being used is Haynes Beefie Tee’s (for this color, anyway). The t-shirt I am wearing right now is the same shirt size as the one I ordered, and I got a shirt that was really tight fitting. That one will become one of my wife’s sleep shirts, and I will try again another time.

  4. I lowered the price so you can get them for $26.95 with the discount.

    Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I am new to the shirt business. 😉

  5. I will look around for you. Admittedly, when I get t-shirts done, the vast majority are embroidered, and it keeps the cost of button polo’s down to around $20. They ARE sweet and I would love to have one.

  6. Eric –

    I wish I could find them for less. Printing on both sides really increases the cost, it turns out. If you know of a place where I can get dark colored shirts with both sides printed, no minimum order, and a direct storefront (I don’t have a shopping cart set up yet), please let me know. I did some poking around yesterday but didn’t turn up much. Cafe Press does dark shirts but only prints on one side.

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