SVG Circuit Symbol Library

SVG Circuit Symbols

Matthew Beckler has released a library of electronic component symbols in SVG format, which will make it easy for anyone with the vector drawing program Inkscape to create schematic diagrams quickly and easily.  I have been meaning to learn Inkscape for the sole purpose of making prettier schematics, so this library will definitely come in handy.

Matthew says:

Sometimes you need to create a circuit schematic, but don’t need or want to take the time to do it Right, using a real schematic capture program like OrCad, Eagle, or Kicad. In those situations, I like to use Inkscape to draw circuit schematics. I have collected and standardized the symbols shown below in high-quality SVG format. The components are standardized to have lines 1 pixel wide, 12 pt text, and 50 pixels in length. The IC symbol has pin label text that is easy to customize.

SVG Circuit Symbols ::

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6 thoughts on “SVG Circuit Symbol Library”

      1. The file is a single svg file. What am I copying? I need it in my html page. Is it possible to extract svg code for single symbols?

        1. Mark –

          I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to do and I am not the author of the file in question, but I suggest that you install Inkscape or another vector drawing editor so that you can edit the .svg file and use or export the individual symbols contained within.

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