Cool Tools: Elecfreaks SMD Prototyping Shield

elecfreaks_smd_protoThese SMD prototyping shields from Elecfreaks are pretty useful for building and testing discrete circuits made with mostly 2 and 3-terminal surface mount devices. I’ve used them quite a bit over the past year to prototype power supply and switching circuits (mostly SOT-23s). I like to cut them into small pieces with a large metal shear and stick them to larger PCBs (the ones I’m testing/modifying) with thick double-stick foam tape.


4 thoughts on “Cool Tools: Elecfreaks SMD Prototyping Shield”

    1. it’s made for the arduino mega. i think it would fit an arduino uno-class board if you don’t populate all of the pins..

    1. the “petals” of each flower are wired together, so you connect components between adjacent flowers (each surrounds a plated hole)

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