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MightyOhm Geiger Counter Kits on sale at


Elektor is currently offering a promotion on MightyOhm Geiger Counter Kits.

These are the same kits that I have sold at very popular workshops at ToorCamp and Chaos Camp.

The kit bundle that Elektor is selling includes the base Geiger counter kit, plastic laser-cut case, sensitive SBM-20 Geiger tube, and batteries. All you need to assemble the kit are some basic hand tools and soldering supplies.

These bundles are a good option for anyone who is interested in building one of my Geiger kits and the Elektor store is convenient for anyone located in the EU.


Alpha radiation makes sparks, detects smoke, and eliminates static cling

Applied Science posted a video this week showing how a strong alpha source can be used to detect smoke or eliminate static cling. My Geiger Counter kit makes a cameo in the video.

Note that the SBM-20 Geiger-Müller tube that normally ships with the kit isn’t sensitive to alpha particles. To detect alpha particles you’ll need to source a Geiger-Müller tube with a mica window, such as the LND-712. There are also several options available on eBay.

My Geiger Counter kits are on sale this month during quarantine. Visit the MightyOhm Geiger Counter product page to learn more and to place an order.