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Cool Tools: Menda 35622 Spudger

Menda 35622 Spudger

The Menda 35622 spudger (datasheet), an official Apple repair tool made famous by ifixit’s iPhone repair guides, is handy for all sorts of spudging(?) applications, including bending, prying, pushing, shoving, tweaking, twisting, scraping, and soldering.

These are now readily available from most electronics and phone repair shops, but I usually buy them in bulk on eBay.

You can also find them on amazon.com:
Menda Soldering Probe, Nylon, 6″ OAL, Spudger

Another option: These orangewood sticks from Techni-Tool are also great for pushing and prying. Since they’re disposable they can also be used for things like mixing epoxy!