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Design and Construction of a 24 GHz Low Noise Amplifier

24GHz Low Noise Amplifier


Tony Long and I designed and built a 24 GHz low noise amplifier for our ECE192 undergraduate independent study project at UCSD.

The amplifier was designed with an early version of Agilent ADS, PCBs were fabricated on Rogers 5880 (Duroid), and we hand built several prototypes on K-connector fixtures that Tony designed. Measured results were consistent with our simulations.

Closeup of two stage LNA PCB

Tony and I won an award for this project at the Eureka! undergraduate research conference in June 2000.

I heard recently that this project is being used as an example of a good EE senior design project at other universities, so I dug up an original copy of the paper we submitted and posted a PDF here.

Donate your spare CPU cycles to World Community Grid

Here’s an interesting way to donate your spare CPU cycles to a good cause. This project has been around for a few years now, but I just started participating.

Running the software reminds me of my college days. There was a time when everyone I knew was running the SETI@Home screensaver (most likely on an AMD K6 or Celeron 300A!)

Clients are available for all major operating systems.