Our 1950s house came with an instruction manual.

Our house came with an instruction manual that I recently found tucked behind some insulation in the garage. We live in a planned community built in San Francisco in the mid 1950s. This particular house was built in 1956 by Sunstream Homes, so the manual is over 52 years old.

The house also still has the original electric stove, but that’s another story.

What an awesome read, check out the fullsize version.

Sunsteam Homes Instruction Manual

The new home that you have purchased has to be adjusted to normal use, just the same as any new article. The following list of helpful hints and suggestions will be of great aid to you in prolonging the life of your home, besides saving you must expense in later years. You will get the most satisfactory results and the greatest enjoyment from your SUNSTREAM HOME by observing various items that are listed below:

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