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Upcoming San Francisco Ham Radio Exams

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are interested in getting your amateur radio license, there are a couple testing sessions coming up in 2010 that may be of interest:


The Bay Area Educational Amateur Radio Society (BAERS) is hosting a Ham Cram on Saturday, January 9th from 8AM-5PM at St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco.  The cost is $30 including the VEC fee.

A “Ham Cram” is a one day workshop where you can get your ham radio license (usually the Technician level) without studying in advance.  I’m not sure I completely agree with their methods of blind memorization over actually understanding the rules, but apparently this method works and most people pass on their first attempt.  If you’re short on time and want to get your license in a hurry, this is one option.

Thanks to Robert for the heads-up on the January session.


AERO is another SF-based group that regularly posts flyers advertising their own ham cram sessions.  Their most recent poster is outdated, but the site mentions there will likely be an upcoming session in February 2010.  I just took the General license exam at their November session and was really impressed by how many people were there and how professionally run the event was.

Update: Their next session is on February 7th, 2010 at 8:45AM.  Details here.

Studying the old fashioned way:

If you don’t like the “cram” method, you can always pick up a study guide (Technician, General, Extra Class) and spend a few weeks studying for the test like I did for both my Technician and General license exams.  There are even a couple online practice tests to help you study.  When you feel comfortable with the material, you can take the exam at the sessions above for a $14 VEC fee without doing the cram.  I know AERO allows this, but it would probably be a good idea to check and make sure BAERS permits this as well.  In either case, I recommend that you RSVP to ensure you get a seat and get notification about changes to the venue, etc.  Contact info for each group is on their respective websites.

Good luck and 73 from KF6PBP!

Visit the Exploratorium After Dark tonight!

Exploratorium After Dark - $14, Tonight 6-10PM

Tonight from 6-10PM, The Exploratorium keeps their doors open late for Exploratorium After Dark, an adult-oriented evening at my favorite science museum. EAD takes place on the first Thursday of every month.

I went last month and enjoyed being able to spend time at my favorite exhibits without being pushed aside by hoards of small children on their school field trips.

More information about tonight’s event is below. Every month has special guests, and in addition to the special features you are free to hang out at the cash bar or roam the museum.

Admission is $14.  Members get in free!

Fire and Ice

Thursday, December 3, 2009
6:00-10:00 p.m.
Bar opens at 6:00 p.m.

When the temperature outside starts dropping, the Exploratorium will be heating up and chilling out with “Fire and Ice,” its December After Dark event, featuring fire sculptures, ice sculptures, and more!

Enjoy cocktails on ice, sizzling tunes, and stunning displays and explorations of fire, ice, heat, and cold. The evening will feature works of fire art, including the Pyrograph, by Earl Stirling. Like a fiery version of the Exploratorium’s classic Drawing Board exhibit, Pyrograph lets you swing a pendulum across a sandy, flaming cauldron and trace out oscillating patterns in fire. Burning sculptures, flaming experiments, and other sizzling delights will round out the high-temperature portion of the evening.

At the opposite end of the thermometer, award-winning ice sculptor David Fong will rev up his chainsaw and carve a 300-pound block of ice into a frosty work of art before your eyes. Stop by our insulation demonstration to learn how to ward off the chill of winter. And we’ll find out once and for all which materials makes the best barriers against the cold: Blubber? Down? Or perhaps a less likely candidate-steel wool.

Hovering between these extremes will be Fog Pool, an artwork by Charles Sowers, with swirling, turbulent clouds that you can touch. Fire and Ice will also offer special exhibit demonstrations and floorwalks that delve into temperature extremes: Feel how bringing different temperatures together can confuse your fingers at Hot and Cold Coils, and learn how your hands adapt to temperature at Hot and Cold Chimneys. Plus, see ice in action at Watch Water Freeze.

Dorkbot-SF @ Noisebridge Tonight

when:    nov 18 2009 wed 7:30pm
where:     noisebridge
2169 mission, SF, 3rd floor


anselm hook – augmentia: scratching the surface of augmented reality

shelly farnham – steve the robot h.e.ai.d.: a large scale generative
music and laser play space

david gessel – stalking slanderizing trolls

gian pablo villamil – 360 degree panoramic video without the megabucks

I’m planning to head over around 7pm and will hopefully see some mightyohm.com readers and dorkbot regulars there tonight!