Blip Festival 2008 Video

My good friend Mark in NYC shot this awesome video of the 2008 Blip Festival at The Bell House in Brooklyn, New York.  He used a Canon HV20 digital HD camcorder with very impressive low light abilities.

Blip Festival 2008 from Mark M on Vimeo.

I also shot some photos of the event, most are available on flickr.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Warning, MySpace links ahead.  Shields up!

Cheap Dinosaurs making his Gameboy sing:

Blip Festival 2008

Bit Shifter, one of the major forces behind the 8bitpeoples label:

Blip Festival 2008

USK, performing with Anamanaguchi:


Blip Festival 2008 was awesome and we’ll definitely be looking forward to 2009!

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