Blip Festival 2008

Blip Festival 2007

Alex Mauer performing at Blip ’07.

Blip Festival 2008: The Promo from Richard Alexander Caraballo on Vimeo.

Blip Festival 2008 is coming up in just a few weeks, on December 4-7th, in Brooklyn, New York.  The Blip Festival is a yearly event in NYC promoted by The Tank, a performing arts space in lower Manhattan.  Last year was truly epic and featured many prominent artists in the 8-bit/lo-fi music scene, including Alex Mauer, Bitshifter, and my new favorite 8-bit artist, Markus Schrodt.

Here’s a direct link to Markus Schrodt’s latest release, i amar prestar aen.  All of his music is available for download here.

Buy your tickets now, make travel reservations, and I’ll see you in December at Blip!

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